1997: Design: Sample 3D interior renderings


From 1994 forward we continued to refine the specifications as we translated the concepts into CAD drawings and 3D renderings of Adagio. The rendering above shows a version of the bridge deck arrangement which is quite close to our final design. Note that the cocktail and dining table tops are interchangeable between the cockpit and saloon spaces. We switch the table tops to suit when the weather invites outdoor dining.


The interior and cockpit shapes are visually integrated — when the sliding doors and windows are fully opened, the interior – exterior spaces are completely united by the granite countertops, and continuous varnished American Ash.


After a couple of years of ocean passages we decided we could remove the cooks-belt padeyes in the galley. The spaces + Adagio’s gentle motion at sea are perfect for rough weather cooking. Like the weather-cloths we fitted to all six berths — the galley cooks-belt proved completely unnecessary.

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