1998: Build: Turnover day

Turnover Day

This was one very exciting (and somewhat scary) operation. You realize how big Adagio really is when she is hanging from a construction crane. But, knowing how thoroughly Allan planned the turnover operation, there was no reason to be nervous!

The keel bonding areas have been prepared for glassing the keels in place. The keels are a complex composite laminate because they have more than the obvious hydrodynamic function of lift — they must also support and stabilize the vessel on ships ways, on dry docks, and of course on the beach. And they should survive skipper-screwups, such as unplanned reef soundings. The keels will be one of the very last big laminates because once they are permanently bonded to the hulls Adagio will be much higher off the ground — and thus more difficult for the construction team.

An essential point — in terms of buoyancy, the keels are completely separate from the hulls. So in case of a serious reefy accident, the keels may give us extra time to get the yacht off the reef. I.e., we could grind off 2/3 of a keel while awaiting arrival of a suitable tug.

At this stage the hulls and wing have been faired and undercoated. All that remains to complete the gloss finish of the topsides and wing is the Awlgrip application {which will be Snow White}.

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