2004:Sep 17: Ketchikan to Prince Rupert

On September 17 a good weather window opened up and we departed Ketchikan for Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada, with a favorable current, light winds, steady barometer and rain ahead.

Soon we were once again exposed to the North Pacific Ocean as we crossed the eastern side of Dixon Entrance and ducked into Brundige Inlet on Dundas Island for the night. This anchorage was very beautiful, completely surrounded by evergreen forest growing down to the rocky shore. An osprey flew over soon after we had anchored, and was calling to another osprey in the forest. Winds in the 20’s out of the northeast boosted our southerly progress the next morning, but died just as I was unfurling the jib.

Arriving September 18 at the Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club at 4 PM, we tied up to the outside of the floating dock. Two different cruising couples in boats nearby were generous with their tips on anchorages along our route to the south. We had entered Canadian waters.

A frontal system was forecast to arrive Sunday night and Monday, bringing strong southerlies. By Monday morning the barometer was up 6 points, and all the other cruising boats had departed. Rain arrived with northerly winds. During the night the barometer fell 8 points in 8 hours, a harbinger of the cold front which brought heavy rain and SE winds of 27 knots. The barometer zoomed up again, then plummeted as another cold front passed over us, bringing another night of heavy rain. We took the opportunity to visit the fine Museum of Northern British Columbia in Prince Rupert. The forecast was for light northerly winds on Saturday.

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