Jazz in the Park

Hobart’s al fresco concerts are a treat — like Saturday night’s three jazz songbirds, singing in St. David’s Park a couple of blocks from #10 Kelly Street. Jazz in the Park is a favorite at every Hobart Summer Festival.Our favorite vocalist of this event was Julie O’Hara who combined a fine voice, great presence and her own vocals composed to fit some of the great jazz instrumentals, such as horn player Canonball Adderly. O’Hara appreciated the challenge a young performer faces when attempting to compose completely new music. If it isn’t musical, who cares how well it is sung? Basing her work on out of copyright super-music is a winner.We’ll also look for the local warm-up band calling themselves “Lounge”. Yuck name, but fine musicians and male vocals swinging some of the bosa nova and samba classics. Hobart is full of fine musicians, in part due to the Conservatorium of Music.

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