Adagio's new berth at RYCT

We must tell you that we were very pleased to see ADAGIO’s new berth at the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. It took us six minutes to walk from the club house to the berth, at amble-speed. The berth is waaay out at the far corner of the new addition to the marina, tucked safely behind an enormous breakwater. Being so far from the club house, and so close to open water, also means that it will be quite easy for ADAGIO to enter and leave the berth. I think we have our priorities right.

Our visit with Jeremy and Penny, aboard their sloop ROSINANTE, was, as always, a delight. We had ample time to catch up on all the news, and then to ask their advice about numerous issues. From the first time we met Jeremy and Penny, they have been generous with their referrals to doctors and friends, explanations of Australian culture, and many cultural and practical issues that we needed help with. Jeremy and Penny made time for us in their busy schedule of running the two week long Australasian Dragon Championship sailboat races on the River Derwent. The Prince Philip Cup was won, by the way, by an 81 year old sailor from Sydney and his two Tasmanian crew.

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