Bonnett Hill

On Friday we picked up a rental car and drove to Bonnet Hill to look at our little piece of land at the top of the Alum Cliffs. A few years ago, we bought one of five blocks of land, 15 minutes drive south of Hobart, with water views of the river. We have the most northerly block, which is bordered on three sides by parkland. It was quite windy from the west, and we were happy to see that our property is sheltered from the westerly winds.A young family has built a house next door. We met Craig and his two young daughters last year. This year we met his father-in-law, Bob, who lives in Brisbane. Bob is thinking of buying one of the two nearby blocks of land that are now back on the market. It was interesting to see that next to Craig’s house was a 5000 gallon water tank and rain water collection capability from his roof. The property is on town water, but in the case of a bush fire, each house should have an independent water supply to protect the house. This time of year Tasmania becomes very dry and strong, hot winds whip up bush fires to dangerous sizes. There are black burn marks on many of the trees in our neighborhood, and the government is asking residents to clear understory plants from their properties. The developer bulldozed all of the soil from the areas from which he removed the trees from our property, so there is little chance of even any weeds growing on the dry, hard rock which was left. Several days this weekend, smoke from several fires filled the skies around and south of Hobart. The newspaper reported 14 fires being battled in the state by fire fighters.

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