Lino Tagliapietra in Retrospect: A Modern Renaissance in Italian Glass

Tacoma Museum of Glass is a remarkable resource — sited in the harbor redevelopment area, right on the water. The museum architecture is stunning, designed by a team led by Arthur Erickson. The 90-ft central cone is the flue for the glassblowing Hot Shop, where visitors can watch visiting artists produce their art from start to finish.

We devoted Father’s Day to a trip down to Museum of Glass in Tacoma (TMOG). Sunday was the last of a three day unique opportunity to see the world’s greatest living glass artist in residence. We spent hours watching Lino Tagliapietra work in the Hot Shop with his long-time team of assistants.The retrospective exhibition could be the most fun you ever spend in a museum. If you have any way to get to the Seattle area before the closing on August 24, 2008 you will be well-rewarded.

On our visit to the Retrospective we didn’t take our cameras, but fortunately TMOG has published a gallery of photos of the maestro at work:

Lino Tagliapietra is revered as the maestro of glassblowing. For more than three decades, he has unhesitatingly shared his knowledge and expertise with artists in the United States and around the world, universally elevating the art and craft of glassmaking and changing the course of contemporary glass. His artistic mastery and vision continue to influence Studio Glass artists.

Lastly, here is our 2008 gallery of Hot Shop pics of artist John Miller.

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