Techno: Yeoman Navigator Pro chart digitizer

We have our Yeoman Navigator Pro digitizer built into the underside of Adagio’s nav station. When the most accurate charts are only on paper, the Yeoman is an excellent substitute for full-on electronic charting. The benefits are smaller than than fully digital echarts, but still significant.

Like echarts the Yeoman helps eliminate clerical errors that can put you on the bricks. (e.g., errors transferring lat/lon going from chart to GPS or vice versa). The Yeoman also cuts down on “pilot workload”, and allows one to keep an almost real time plot of GPS fixes.

Another Yeoman feature we like is the integration with suitable radars. This allows you to point at chart features while the radar waypoint lollipop tracks your cursor position on the chart. Handy for correlating radar image to charted features. The radar-chart correspondence is common on high-end echart systems like MaxSea.

If you have the space on your chart table, and will be adventuring in areas where high quality echarts do not exist, check it out.

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