Victoria Dragon Boat Festival

Here in Victoria the inner harbor is buzzing with a bunch of festival activities, organized around the Dragon boat races. Adagio is berthed in front of the Empress Hotel, so we are right at the race finish line {fuzzy image on the webcam just to the right of the foreground trees}. You can see the results of Saturdays races and the Sunday semi-final race grid here. The finals begin at 1:00pm this afternoon.

We have posted so far seven new photos galleries in our British Columbia section — two days of racing, lion dancing, Aikido, and some of the many cultural exhibitions. The related galleries are as follows:

Victoria: Dragon Boat Festival

Victoria moonrise

Victoria: Dragon Boat Racing – Day 1

Victoria: Dragon Boat Racing – Day 2

Victoria: Lion Dancing

Victoria: Moondance Arts

Victoria: Ocean Rain Chinese Arts Academy

Victoria: SanShuKan Aikikai Dojo

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