Tofino: bear watching cruise

We recommend Michael and Linda White’s Browning Passage Charters for cruises around Clayoquot Sound. On Sept 1st Mike skippered us for a four-hour cruise to observe black bears feeding on low tide crustaceans. The coastal black bears preferred food sources change as the season progresses: oversimplified, but think of berries and sedges, then tidal crustaceans, then the big winter fattening on salmon. At the time of our Tofino cruise the bears were enjoying licking up small crabs and other crustaceans exposed by turning over rocks in the intertidal zone.

The best boat-based bear-watching periods are low tide — when you can approach the feeding bears fairly closely. We chose the White’s 36-foot vessel for Mike’s long guiding experience – and for the comforts of a cabin cruiser (compared to the typical open rigid inflatable). Mike serves coffee and tea throughout the cruise, so you might want to bring some fresh bakery goodies.

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