Hoskyn Channel and Surge Narrows

We were ready for a break and a rest, before joining the OCC Rally in Desolation Sound. Since we would have to leave the Rally before they made their way to Octopus Islands, we decided to visit it on our own.

North of the Strait of Georgia, we entered Hoskyn Channel. To get to Octopus Islands and Waiatt Bay, we had to pass through a narrow strait, where strong tidal currents create whirlpools and tide rips, except at slack tide. We referred to our tide and current tables, and chose a morning slack tide to traverse Surge Narrows and its narrowest channel, Beazley Passage.

As the channels got narrower, the scenery got prettier. Steve navigated and piloted very carefully, and we made our way into Waiatt Bay to anchor.

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