Discovery in Waiatt Bay

The anchorages in Octopus Islands looked rather small, so we set our anchor in spacious Waiatt Bay. The calm waters reflected the sunset-pink clouds. And the morning skies and forested shorelines reflected just as beautifully.

A classic ketch joined us in the anchorage just before sunset on our second day.

When we raised our anchor to visit Octopus Islands on our way out, a black fork was caught in one link of our very muddy anchor chain. I thought it was probably a plastic fork, as it fill neatly onto our foredeck. After we had raised the anchor, washing down the chain as we did so, I picked up the fork and took it into the galley for a good washing. Later in the day I was able to clean it thoroughly, and finding it to be silver, give it a rubbing with silver polish. It turned out to be a silver-plated dessert fork, engraved with the letters “M.Y. Fifer”

When I finally had time to research the Motor Yacht Fifer, I learned that it was originally launched in 1928, and after a complete restoration, had sunk after anchoring in shallow water over rocks. When the yacht was on the market we downloaded some of her photos. But you can still access our archive of the thumbnails (PDF). The included links are to pages that no longer exist.

I am guessing that the fork is from the original yacht, whose name was changed numerous times. We speculate that the yacht probably anchored in Waiatt Bay, and the maid accidentally lost the fork overboard when she was cleaning the plates.

It is a fun bit of history from our visit to Waiatt Bay.

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