OCC BC Rally: 9 September – Cortes Bay

The OCC BC Rally convened with a dinner in Comox on 8th September. As ADAGIO was already cruising in Desolation Sound, we joined the Rally on the 9th in Cortes Bay, Cortes Island.

Overseas OCC members acquired their charter yachts in Comox and Powell River, and joined local cruisers aboard their private yachts at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Cortes Bay Station, clubhouse and floating docks — some twenty yachts alltogether, roughly half owner-sailed, and half chartered yachts. The crews of all of the boats we met in Cortes Bay reported fine sailing conditions across and up the Strait of Georgia.

The club shore facilities were excellent — many thanks to the RVYC for their hospitality! A BBQ in the evening brought everyone out to the decks surrounding the club house, for shared dishes and grilled meats. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet OCC members with whom we would be cruising during the coming week. Andy Copeland served up his famous punch, and Lisa welcomed each of us with warmth and enthusiasm.

Lisa Copeland came aboard ADAGIO to give us a briefing on the Copeland’s extraordinarily well-designed rafting procedure — complete with “circles and arrows” diagrams. Just what we needed, as we’ve avoided rafting opportunities until now. In brief, Andy and Lisa run a model rafting command center — quickly sorting out the messups, while at the same time deftly running shorelines for all the yachts who were designated to deploy their anchor and shoreline.

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