OCC BC Rally: 11 September – Squirrel Cove to Tenedos Bay Via Refuge Cove

An early morning departure from Squirrel Cove ensured ADAGIO a berth at Refuge Cove so that we could check email messages. We had offered to let other cruisers check their email messages on our computer as well. Within a few days Refuge Cove would be closing for the winter, and this was the last place during the OCC Rally where Wi-Fi services would be available.

The mountains to the east of Desolation Sound began to provide their dramatic backdrop as we approached Tenedos Bay. Lisa had designated ADAGIO to be the center boat of the raft, and the party boat for the evening’s festivities, so we made our way quickly and appreciated Andy Copeland’s assistance taking our stern line ashore. Soon we had a boat rafted to port and another to starboard. Every second or third boat in the raft set its anchor before reversing into position. It was a grand affair to watch in motion.

Over the past day or two we had heard announcements to the effect that rehearsals were being held for a singing group which would perform during the Rally. Well, tonight was the night, and the Barrel of Monkeys assembled on ADAGIO’s forward catwalk, just aft of the forestay. All seventy-six of the OCC cruisers convened aboard ADAGIO to enjoy the performance with pot-luck nibbles and cocktails. Steve watched ADAGIO’s bows sink deeper into the waters of the Cove, but she held us all, safely and happily throughout the fun party. Fortunately no one started dancing!

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