OCC BC Rally: 12 September – Tenedos Bay to Pendrell Sound Via Prideaux Haven

Our extraordinarily fine weather continued. A morning clean-up crew arrived aboard ADAGIO, and soon the chips and crumbs had been swept and washed from ADAGIO’s decks. Another fresh water lake attracted our sailors ashore for a hike and a swim. Others of us departed for a visit to Prideaux Haven for a lunch stop. This brought us into some of the finest scenery in British Columbia. The mountains to the east provided a lovely backdrop, and the seas were absolutely calm.

We entered Prideaux Haven and made our way to the end of Melanie Cove, where we joined VITE VITE for a lunch break. During the summer this area is very crowded with boats at anchor.

At Pendrell Sound, Andy and Duncan worked their magic, using Andy’s inflatable dinghy as a tiny tug boat to nudge the rafting boats into position, and to take lines ashore. Lisa shuffled the raft, so that each night each boat was rafted to different neighbors. This helped us get to know one another.

The raft was located on the shady side of the sound, so Lisa announced that all dinghies were invited to raft up in the sun, out in the center of the channel. We tied our twenty dinghies together, and passed around drinks and nibbles. Soon a call went out to engage outboard engines located on the fringes of the raft, so that we could become a “super raft”, spinning in circles, first clockwise then anti-clockwise. Great merriment.

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