OCC BC Rally: 13 September – Pendrell Sound to Walsh Cove

A beautiful, calm morning in Pendrell Sound. Terry and Christine from REIVER collected fresh oysters, and Penny from POLYANDRA reported catching a bucket of prawns. John on SPEEDWELL reported seeing a family of river otters.

We photographed WHITE TRILLIUM and SHINGEBISS II sailing in Pendrell Sound.

Walsh Cove is a lovely anchorage with interesting islands to visit. We lent our kayak to John and Jenny from MIKAYLA, as they were interested in acquiring a kayak for themselves. We explored the nearby islands in ALLEGRO.

In the evening, we joined the other cruisers aboard MORNING CALM III for drinks and nibbles. Sally from VITE VITE had written out the words for several songs, “The Fields of Athenry”, “Molly Malone”, “The Mountains of Mourne”, and “The Wild Rover”. Copies of the lyrics were distributed to each boat. A fine sing-along it was.

We all helped Chris Fulford celebrate his birthday. The Barrel of Monkeys Choir sang an original song in honor of Chris. A cake and card were presented, and then Chris sang his own personal composition of an autobiographical song for our entertainment.

The crew of MIKAYLA, David and Susan, John and Jenny, had invited us to dine with them. Fresh oysters, grilled prawns and chicken, rice, vegetables and a cheese board. We contributed a Caesar Salad. Sea stories were shared and we learned about the yachts and cruising grounds of our hosts. What an enjoyable evening.

We farewelled our friends in the morning, as we had prior commitments to the south, and wanted to take advantage of the northerly winds while they lasted. We will be in Victoria for a week or preparing ADAGIO for her passage south to San Francisco.

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