Pirates and Snowbirds, The San Juan Island Yacht Club in Victoria

Sept. 19-21, 2008: The Victoria Harbour Authority staff were kind enough to allocate to ADAGIO her favorite berth in the harbour, at the feet of the Legislature and The Empress Hotel.

We were there to greet the members of the San Juan Yacht Club, from Friday Harbor. Our friends, Jim and Sue Corenman, arrived aboard their lovely sloop HEART OF GOLD, and were able to join us aboard ADAGIO for dinner. Just before sundown, the club members appeared on the docks decked out in their Pirate-theme finest fashions. Grog and nibbles were enjoyed by all.

In celebration, the Snowbirds, Canada’s Air Demonstration Team, performed in the skies above (in addition to performing for the air show nearby). This was the third Snowbirds performance we were lucky enough to see in Victoria. On August 4th we captured some great Snowbird pics, so this time we could enjoy the show without looking through the 300mm telephoto!

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