Fun with Friends in Victoria

Sept. 25 – Oct. 5, 2008: Our Ocean Cruising Club friends, Tony and Coryn, picked us up at the Captain Cook monument, and drove us to lunch with more friends at the Ogden Point Cafe. This gave us time to catch up on each other’s plans and sea stories.

A few days later, David and Rose from WHITE TRILLIUM took us to the Butchart Gardens for a tour. It was a beautiful day. The maples were beginning to turn to reds and golds. The old orchard was full of apples, and I helped Rose collect walnuts that had fallen to the grass beneath the trees, and soon we had a bag-full. The Dahlias were spectacular, and bees were busily working the flowers. There must be wonderful Dahlia honey hives somewhere in the neighborhood. The crowds were thin, and there were many workers in the gardens, so we were able to ask them questions that came to mind.

At Rose’s suggestion, Steve and I tasted the ripe fruit of a fuschia plant, and were surprised at how sweet and juicy it was. I finally learned the identification of an unusually shaped tree that is popular in Victoria, but no one seems to know that it is a Weeping giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum ‘Pendulum’) .

From the top of Mt. Douglas, David and Rose showed us the views across the waters to the San Juan Islands and across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the Olympic Peninsula.

We spent several evenings with our friends Kevin and Maureen of Maple Leaf Adventures. We had joined the Y, so were able to work out and walk all over town for exercise. We were patiently waiting for a weather window which would allow us to pass California’s Cape Mendocino in reasonable winds and seas.

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