Adagio first family daysail on San Francisco Bay

After some fifteen years in the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, Adagio is in San Francisco Bay for a while. Of course one of the very first things we were keen to do was to organize a sail on the Bay!

We found typical Indian Summer conditions on the Bay: sunny and windless on the way to the Bay Bridge from Alameda. Then light fog and 10-15kn crossing the Bay to Angel Island. “Bikini weather” in the lee of Angel Island. Light headwinds and LOTS of foul current as we tacked back and forth westbound in Raccoon Strait — which offered multiple opportunities to take some photos of our former Tiburon neighborhood around Tower Point Lane.

We sailed over to Richardson Bay hoping for a glimpse of Maltese Falcon — no luck there. We decided it was too foggy and cold to sail upwind under the Gate. So we fell off for a fast reach in 15-20kn back across to the City Front — where we got a brief glimpse of the magnificent Maltese Falcon berthed near Pier 39.

Our guests seemed very happy to be able to relax in the warmth of Adagio’s cockpit and saloon — well-sheltered from the wind, fog and occasional spray.

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