University of Tasmania Radio Telescope & Grote Reber Museum

On February 11 we arranged, for ourselves and eleven of our friends, a private tour of the radio telescope that is located just 25 km from Hobart.

The 26 metre radio telescope dish was donated by NASA to the University of Tasmania early in the 1980’s, when NASA rationalized their worldwide operations.

Next to the radio telescope is the Grote Reber Museum which is a testament to the life of Grote Reber, the “Father of Radio Astronomy.” Reber was the first person to build a “big dish” antenna for the purpose of mapping the sky at radio frequencies. He discovered many discrete radio sources, and he mapped the band of bright radio emission from our Galaxy, the Milky Way [We thank the University of Tasmania for the above information, taken from the museum brochure].

A tour of the museum and telescope should be high on any visitors’ program for Hobart. It is a bit of well-kept secret right now — no doubt the word will spread.

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