2009 Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart

Held every other year on Hobart’s historic waterfront, the 2009 Australian Wooden Festival was the best we have ever seen. The first day we watched the Opening Parade of Sail and Arrival of Tall Ships and Festival boats. Over 550 wooden boats were on display, and there were regular scheduled races out on the river. Activities for children and adults were abundant. Nine teams, mostly families, each built and launched a boat during the 3-1/2 days of the show. Teens formed school teams to build, launch and race boats of their own designs. This Quick ‘N Dirty activity, especially the race, was the most entertaining event of the show. Five Tall Ships offered on-board tours, and sailings during the festival.

Several of our friends were displaying their boats in the show. Antique model boats were on display. Excellent musical performances kept us entertained, while we enjoyed the delicious, mostly seafood, from the food stalls. At the Shipwrights’ Village we watched boat builders demonstrating the numerous skills required for successful boat building.

There is so much to see, enjoy and learn — see the festival website for a sampling.

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