Cloudy Bay Tasmania

Cloudy Bay lies at the very southern tip of South Bruny Island. It is a stunning place to anchor when there is no major Southern Ocean swell to spoil your comfort. And of course southerly wind is not a good thing either. So keep your eye on the weather if you decide to go into Cloudy Bay. You will be rewarded with some of Tasmania’s world famous scenery, and are likely to have the bay to yourself if you avoid the ‘silly season’ after Christmas.

Sometimes we get lucky, finding ourselves in the right place at the right time. That usually produces some of our favorite landscape photos. But we rarely invest the time to position ourselves for photography, then wait and wait for the weather and light. That of course is what the best photographers do.

The image at left is one of a remarkable portfolio of Tasmania images by photographer Jonathan Wherrett. You will definitely want to follow Jonathan’s work for architectural, commercial or weddings. Wherrett is one of the best modern photographers we have encountered.

We have never surfed Cloudy Bay, which is one of the famous Tassie monster wave spots, and home of the Bruny Island Surf Classic . The image at left is not ours, but will give you an idea what the bay looks like on a good surfing day.

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