1. San Francisco to Hawaii

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hello from Adagio on day 3.

We are having a fine passage. I just calculated our daily runs.

Day 1 – 154 nautical miles
Day 2 – 222 nautical miles
Day 3 – 190 nautical miles

Today we have almost no wind, and a low, smooth rolling swell, with wind ripples on the surface. We have furled the sails and are motoring on one engine. Air temperature outdoors is 71 deg F. One ship in the distance on AIS. None close enough to be seen. Rick Shema sent new route changes, putting our route more on the rhumb line to Oahu. Light winds are forecast for the next 2-1/2 days. Second loaf of bread is in the oven. We finished the first loaf at lunch today.

Our first three days at sea were a rollicking good sail. We were truly “ocean walloping”, with wind speed up to 27 knots, and boat speeds up to 16 knots. The seas were 3 – 4 meters high, but not breaking, and they just lifted ADAGIO like a feather, and then thundered under her.

I have been having this “Ahah” moment several times a day: That I am traveling to Hawaii in my own home! What a delightful concept.

Here are a few notes from our log:

6/30/09 Tuesday:
0753 Just crossed under the Golden Gate Bridge.
0946 Set full main and jib, close reaching in light stuff, steering for Rick’s waypoints north of rhumb line.
0958 Ship on our track per AIS, not on radar at 12nm scale. Redo the setup ‘adjusting tune/video’
1311 TWS decreased to 8 kts; sails were flapping. So I turned on the port engine at 1500 revs. Boat speed improved. . After about 15 minutes the wind increased to12-13 kts. Steve set the AWA on the pilot to 80, which helped the sails to fill. Our boat speed increased to 8 kts.
1404 TWS up to 13 – 15 kts. Boat speed is up to 8 to 9 kts. Sleigh ride! 3 ships approaching the GG, but nowhere near our course.
1641 Furled reacher, trimmed main, port engine on to 2500 trying to reach the windline to the west sooner
2115 So little wind that we have changed course to point directly at our waypoint. we should have more wind by morning. Several ships around, but not threatening.

07/01/09 Wednesday:
0644 Shaun and I set full main and reacher and turned off the engines.
0734 9 to 10 knots boat speed; waves washing up the windows, underwing slams. Sunshine at last!
0849 I put the first reef in the main sail, furled the reacher, and set the jib. The boat’s motion is more comfortable, and we are still hitting 9 knots from time to time. Leaking right side window over the nav station; only drips.
1320 Wind dropped. Port Engine on. Now have full main and reacher
1347 Port Engine off. Full main and jib. Ocean walloping now. A few minor hatch leaks (drips). Shaun says that this is the sailing he came for, like the ocean racing he has done in the past.
1732 We reefed main to first reef – height = 17?. Set pilot onto TWA = 165. Set jib tight to backwind the main. Traveler up to center, stablized boom with preventer
1857 Confused sea, wind waves atop swell – bumpy but fast on first reef and jib.
1949 Beam seas are really bashing the boat. We’ll try steering off 20deg and see how that rides. Set pilot response = NORMAL.
2251 Wind fairly constant 19-23KN. Boat speed up to 14 KN surfing down waves at times. Boat well under control.

07/02/09 Thursday:
0007 One reef in main and jib. Boat well under control in a large cross swell. Boat speed is 10 knots.
One reef in main; jib. Wind is still up. Boat is moving fast; fewer underwing slams than 2 hours ago..TWD steady. O ccasional speed of 13 or 14 kts, but mostly 9 to 11 kts. A ship 20 nm to our south is going to cross our bows. Need to watch it carefully. All is well.
0227 TWS 20 to 27 kts. Seas might be decreasing some what. Boat speed still 10 to 14 kts. All is quiet.. Trimble is beeping — messages received?
0316 Fast and bumpy- new Rick Shema forecast just received = OK to set CTS to 235T = 220M
0321 Steve Surfed to 16 knots.
0351 Falling off for easier ride by 10 deg to 220M
0805 Boat maintaining steady course with no sail or rudder change on this watch.
0952 Sea is now BLUE! Not much has changed over the past several hours. Seas are still moving the boat around, but the auto pilot manages to keep us on course. Still cloudy . Baro is rising now. Ride is more comfortable than it was last night. No ships on the AIS.. Several of the small port hatches are leaking slightly — drips: over nav station, in the shop, in the master shower. Shaun as had a very few tiny leaks from the hatch over the guest bed.
1231 Strike jib, set reacher – traveler up to weather about 2-ft. Main still first-reef.
1551 Shaun & Steve shook out first reef –> full main and reacher. Very little speed improvement so far.
1810 Shaun and Dorothy put the first reef in the main. Dorothy making bread.
2027 Wind is easing, beautiful sunset with beams of light rays spreading from the bases of clouds to the ocean surface. Long, soft clouds, pale blue sky. Much quieter tonight than last night. We have traveled 480 nautical miles from the GG Bridge.
2249 Finally! 1/4 waxing moon visible!

07/03/09 Friday:
0136 Wind getting lighter. Reacher tack more to windward. Steered 10 degree more to stbd.
0352 TWD is moving around. Difficulty keeping the sails full.
0818 Furl reacher which doesn’t work motorsailing light air deep angles (standing on a razor blade).
1411 Low, smooth rolling swell, with wind ripples on the surface. Air temperature outdoors is 71 deg F. One ship in the distance on AIS. None close enough to be seen. Rick Shema sent new route changes, more on the rhumb line to Oahu. Light winds forecast for the next 2-1/2 days. Second loaf of bread is in the oven. We finished the first loaf at lunch today.

We have traveled 623 nautical miles since sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. About 1400 nautical miles to go.

All is well. We are having a fun passage. The Pacific Ocean is being good to us so far. ADAGIO keeps us warm and dry, and performs beautifully — our magic carpet to Hawaii!

Love and hugs,
Steve & Dorothy
Pacific Ocean
latitude 34 deg 22 min N
longitude 133 deg 50 min W

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