4. San Francisco to Hawaii

ADAGIO made landfall at Ko Olina, Hawaii at 0857 July 12th. Our GPS log shows the passage was 2208 nm and 12 days passage time (with 6 days of sloooow motorsailing on one engine). Our average daily run from San Francisco to Oahu – 186.3 nautical miles.

As we sailed past Honolulu, a “flock” of about 20 tiny, silver flying fish took off from the water and fluttered together across the waves. They were much smaller than most of the flying fish we usually see. It is the sort of wildlife sighting that occurs very quickly, and when it’s over you can’t believe that you saw it, and you are happy that you happened to be looking in the right direction when it happened.

We made landfall in excellent weather conditions, in daylight, and to a welcoming, modern marina, surrounded by civilization. We immediately began to research how to get our main sail repaired in time for our departure for Samoa.

Shaun unpacked our garden hose and thoroughly scrubbed and rinsed the salt from the decks and hardware. Then he hurried off to Honolulu where he will spend the next several days as a volunteer with the race committee, greeting the Transpac Race boats who are beginning to arrive from Los Angeles.

When I spoke to Rick Shema, our weather router, he told me that the 100 foot long super-maxi yacht named ALPHA ROMEO broke all records winning the Transpac Race this year. The owner runs the Alpha Romeo and Mazaratti dealerships in New Zealand and Australia. He knocked 25 hours off of the record set by the 80 foot yacht MORNING GLORY in 2005. ALPHA ROMEO sailed from Los Angeles to Hawaii in 5 days, 14 hours. By my calculations, the boat was maintaining a boat speed that was more than double ADAGIO’S boat speed. It must have been a heck of a ride.

Here’s a summary of our daily runs over 12 days:

Day 1 – 154 nautical miles

Day 2 – 222

Day 3 – 190

Day 4 – 157

Day 5 – 157

Day 6 – 151

Day 7 – 154

Day 8 – 205

Day 9 – 193

Day 10 – 194

Day 11 – 204

Day 12 – 227 nautical miles

Here is a sampling from the ship’s log over the last few days to the passage:

July 11 2009

0011 Shaun moved the tack of the reacher way up to windward. The boat is loving this wind and sea state. Quiet speed. 269 nm to Oahu. 30 hrs to go at this rate.

0124 There is a ship behind us that does not show up on the radar. I see its lights clearly. I woke Steve and he retuned the radar. This ship allowed us to verify that the AIS is not working – we had no way to verify 7 days with no ship traffic. We found two more ships 20 nm behind us as well.

0319 Wind veered to 80mg – head up to AWA 120

0352 Cluster of 3 rain squalls on radar at 7 oclock

0420 Squalls on our tail – wind rapidly up to 28-29kn – down to AWA 150 to cut apparent wind speed. Pilot to DWIND.

0429 Up 10 deg. Squalls have passed us to stbd – TWD backed about 20 deg – gradually over 20 minutes

0840 Prolonged squalls follwed by a calmer period.Computer fell over – now taped. One ship seen.

0913 Wind is coming back. Last 24 hrs we traveled 204 nm. 190 nm to go to Oahu, approx 23 hrs. Showers all around. Blue sky ahead also some tallish cumulus. Rain showers on the radar show a squall off our port stern 8 nm distant and heading towards us.

1004 Winds 19 to 25 kts. Boat speed 10 to 16 kts due to a small cell passing over us.

1053 Pilot is set to 125 app wind angle for the lulls; change to 135 or 145 for the puffs/squalls. Up in the lulls; down in the puffs. Sky is clearing to windward.

1507 Constant conditions moving us closer to our destination. 110 nm to go in 11 hours at this speed. ETA in Ko Olina approx 0830 Sunday. Deep blue seas sparkling in the sunshine, blue skies, pufy white clouds. No squalls; no ships.

1840 As we put the first reef in the main we noticed that the battens are poking through the sail just aft of the luff tape. It was first evident on the second batten from the bottom a few days ago, now is showing on several battens, and the second from bottom batten has almost poked through the fabric.

2347 30NM to go to Kawi channel. Picking up Molokai and Oahu on radar. Continued wind variation up and down. Occasional showers.

July 12, 2009

0029 Cruise ship coming out of the channel will pass us port to port at 5 nm away. 23 nm to Kaiwi Channel. Winds 19 to 22 kts. Boat speed 9 to 15 kts.

0053 Another boat ahead to stbd. Radar won’t track it yet. Reacher and 1st reef in main.

0215 8.66 nm to first waypoint southeast of Oahu; 1 hour. ETA 0315 to waypoint. A few lights ahead. I can see the street lights of Oahu.

0520 Passed Diamond Head 10 min ago.

0857 Arrival Ko Olina, Hawaii – reported in to US Custom CBP Officer Lavally

All the best from ADAGIO and her crew,

Dorothy, Steve and Shaun Peck


Oahu, Hawaii

Latitude 21 deg 19.736 minutes

Longitude 158 deg 07.110 minutes

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