Ile des Pins to Noumea: Baie des Citrons

We had a fun sail from Kuto back to Noumea. Downwind under jib and reacher to start, whale watching boats, one Humpback fin flapping (BIG pectoral fin), lastly skilled kite-boarders at Anse Vata.

We’ve done the 70-odd nm trip between Noumea and Isle des Pins so many times we’ve lost count. But some days are very special — when we get wind going the way we want to go AND sunshine.

Sorry we didn’t get any pics of the Humpback whales. We were focused on whether we were going to commit to sailing into the reef pass on the SE of Ile Ouen into Port Koube for the night’s anchorage. We decided that was not prudent as the winds continued to build. So we enjoyed a very fine daysail all the way to Noumea.

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