Circumnavigating Grande Terre: Lavaissiere to Touho

As we were departing Lavaissiere for Touho, we heard Noumea Radio loud and clear, for the first time since we had departed Yate. I hailed Noumea radio and received a response! I gave him our boat name and position “east of Baie de Canala”. I asked him for a weather report as we had not been able to receive Radio Noumea for the past three days. He said said that the wind forecast for the morning was ESE 15 knots.

We set the reacher and enjoyed beautiful, comfortable downwind sailing. We could see the white surf on the barrier reef 2.3 nautical miles away on our starboard side. Our next destination was the small harbor of Touho, ETA about 5 PM today. Beth and Bone on SPLINTERS APPRENTICE told us that this is a pleasant place to stop. As we approached the opening to Passe du Cap Bayes, we see that it is all clear with no reefs on our track. Every time I think I have sighted a ship with cranes on deck, it turns out to be an islet with pencil pines growing on it. We set our anchor in Touho Bay, outside and to the west of the little marina, not far from where SPLINTERS APPRENTICE anchored when they were here. It is a peaceful bay. Several small metal dinghies fishing in the bay. Entrance was easy, following the red and the green daymarks to avoid the reefs.

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