Baie de l"Orphelinat to Kuto Bay

It was time for us to leave the big city of Noumea and head to our favorite cruising grounds in the Isle of Pines. Dolphins sufaced from time to time near our boat as we prepared for departure from our anchorage in Baie de l’Orphelinat. Clouds were sloooowly clearing, and the wind speed was slowly increasing, but more on the nose. We were getting a little boost from the ebbing tidal current, as we entered the Canal Woodin. We passed the catamaran COOL CHANGE sailing under her two mainsails, one mast on each hull. We found an area of tide riffles as we enter the canal. The trees along the shoreline are beautiful palms and Araucaria columnaris trees. As we passed the entrance to Baie de Prony, we remembered that this is where Beth and Bone saw breaching mother and calf humpback whales the previous week. Small fish were jumping out of the water. Where were the whales? A long conveyor belt winding down from the mountains above Prony, were bringing nickel ore to ships and barges below. We entered a comfortable anchorage on the north side of Isle Ouen. Anchor down Baie de Ire in 15m at low tide on 55M rode. The next morning we raised anchor in Baie de Ire and departed for Ile des Pins. A beautiful morning. Flat water in Canal Woodin. Unfurled the jib after rounding Ilot Ugo. Boat speed increased. Beam seas but not too bad. We set the mainsail with one reef and full jib. At noon we set the anchor in Kuto Bay , directly in front of the Kou-Bugny Hotel Cafe where there is an internet antenna.

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