Ile des Pins: Tsunami alert – 2

We sent this bulletin out 08 Oct 1058 NCT:

Not to alarm you – but wanted to inform that the gendarmes raced around this morning with an alert that either or earthquake or tsunami had struck Vanuata (north of us) and all boats should clear out of the bay ASAP. The estimated time of arrival of the tsunami in Newcal is 1100 to 1110. Ten minutes from now.

We have done that, now out in depths of 25 meters or more – as of 1055 NCT, 2355 UTC.

On 16 we just heard a bulletin from another cruiser that the “Loyalty Islands have been evacuated”. That’s part of Newcal to the east of us.

Will update when we have something to report…

Cheers, Steve & Dorothy

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