Ile des Pins: Tsunami alert – 3

We sent this “all clear” at 08 Oct 1351 NCT:

Well, alert cancelled. We have re-anchored in Kuto Bay, and reconnected to the iNet wifi (we have a 2-month subscription). We have a somewhat better wireless signal than before we bailed out of the anchorage. Another catamaran took our spot (bad manners) so we found an alternative just to the NW of the hotel Kou Bugny. The new spot seems to be closer to different iNet antenna.

We seemed to be the only yacht with Inmarsat-C. We received a single URGENT catgegory EGC at UTC 2009/10/08 00:40:47 that said the following:


RCC AUSTRALIA 080037Z OCT 2009 AUSSAR 2009/6984



which we rebroadcast on VHF noting that the EGC was ambiguous as to the scope of the cancellation (Queensland waters or the region?). About 1120 another yacht reported on VHF that they had returned to Kuto Bay as though to anchor but were signalled by gendarmes on the beach to “stay out”. But a few minutes later we hear a relayed report that Radio Noumea had issued a cancellation. We were the yacht furthest out in deep water, so were almost the last back in Kuto Bay.

We just found a map showing the quake locations.

Several of the bulletins found on the net mentioned “sirens in New Caledonia”. We were thinking – “they should have tsunami sirens here” instead of basically a word of mouth alert scheme. Evidently Noumea has sirens, but definitely no sirens here in Isle des Pins.


Steve & Dorothy

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