Ile des Pins: Walk from Vao to Kanumera Bay

Andrew, Ian and Dorothy grabbed a lift to the farmers market in Vao from our friend Cleo. We shopped for produce, toured the town of Vao, then walked back to Kuto Bay. Along the way we saw a lot of local color. Walking through the forest of Bugny trees along the shores of Kanumera Bay was a hilight.

The Visitors’ Center in Vao displays a photo gallery on their walls showing elders of the town, recent acitivities and events and arts and crafts made by the locals. The church was furnished with hand carved wooden religious objects. The seat of government is called the Mairie. From the road we watched farmers preparing their fields for the traditional planting of yams. Enormous columnaris pines graced our way, and Kanumera Bay cooled our feet. Back aboard ADAGIO, the guys helped Steve repair the broken turning block.

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