Noumea: Noumea Aquarium

We had wonderful memories of our last visit in 2000 to L’aquarium des lagons. The aquarium has been significantly upgraded and remodeled – all to good effect. We have enjoyed several other saltwater aquaria – in New Zealand and Australia. This one remains our favorite.

Sea water is supplied directly from the adjacent Baie des Citrons, the location of Noumea’s very popular swimming beach. And where Adagio has happily anchored for a few nights when the wind was more in the east and north. There is really only room for one boat tucked up in the NE corner.

The exhibits are brilliantly designed and all lit by natural sunlight – except for those requiring special lighting, such as the ultraviolet light required to show off the fluorescent corals.

Do spend some time exploring the aquarium website – it is very informative.

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