BOI: Waipiro Bay

ADAGIO is very happy to be back in NZ’s Bay of Islands. As soon as we were cleared of formalities, bought some groceries, and booked some travel arrangements for Andrew and Ian, we were off to explore. Our first stop was Waipiro Bay – just 1.5km south of Urupukapuka Island – where we plan to hike tomorrow.

We were hoping to find MAGIC DRAGON anchored in Waipiro – and so we did! What a treat, as it has been some five years since we last had Jane and Michel DeRidder aboard. We have a lot of yarns to exchange and catching up to do. More to come in future posts…

One of the bits we learned from Michel was that he had built a house atop the western point of Waipiro some years ago. Subsequently that house was purchased by a new family who decided to build a much more costly/luxurious home in its place. That is just an example of what we are seeing everywhere in the Bay of Islands. “Big money” seems to arrived since we last visited in 2004. We have seen at least a dozen multi-million dollar new estates constructed in the most special BOI positions. I think we will see this repeated as we revisit our favorite anchorages.

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