BOI: OCC pot-luck Opua Cruising Club

Ocean Cruising Club port captains Tony & Nina Kiff organized a fun get-together at the Opua Cruising Club. Forty-three sailors turned up!

We met old friends and many new — too many to itemize here. We were tickled to again meet Derek & Anthea Bunting of s/v Sukanuk that we had not seen since Alaska — just a bit to catch up on.

Amongst the fun new couples we met were Dennis & Janet Knight of s/v Shilling of Hamble, who like many of the sailors here, sailed out of England long ago, 1999 for them. Somehow we missed each other in Alaska. There son Paul has joined them for part of their New Zealand cruise. Paul is a marine electrician, so he was possibly the most popular guy at the party.

We enjoyed our brief visit with Angela Farrant of s/v Spring Gold, who is doing something possibly more adventurous than crossing oceans. She is in Opua on a house-swapping arrangement for the Farrant’s house back in England.

Lastly, thanks 10^6 to Tony and Nina for organizing our event!

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