BOI: Te Pahi Islands to Urupukapuka

On December 19th we sailed up to the Te Pahi Islands – our first visit there, thanks to guidance from MAGIC DRAGON and IMAGINE. Lovely anchorages with spots for shelter from most of the BOI winds – you just have to shift your position before the wind shifts.

We had a couple of days to catch up, including bits of computer knowhow swapping on echarts and RSS. Then ADAGIO and MAGIC DRAGON set off for Urupukapuka. Steve and Dorothy want to do some more exploration in preparation for the upcoming Christmas visit by Alan, Kim, David and Sarah.

Nearing Urupukapuka we slowed so the Dragons could lead us into the best spot to anchor in Otehei Bay. Just then a bottlenose dolphin started playing on the bow wave of MAGIC DRAGON – allowing Dorothy to grab one hasty pic of the dolphin leaping in front of MAGIC DRAGON.

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