2009 Holiday Newsletter

Looking south from Cloudy Bay Tasmania — Click image for the full size photo
Cloudy Bay, looking towards West Cloudy Head — Click image for the full size photo

Dorothy and Steve are back in summery New Zealand — five and one-half years and two Pacific crossings since we last sailed out of the Bay of Islands on June 7, 2004 — bound for Tahiti, Hawaii and Alaska. We are kicking up our heels to be sharing anchorages again with dear Bay of Islands friends like Jane and Shelly on MAGIC DRAGON and David and Susan on IMAGINE. So many more friends to catch up with — we’ve just anchored in Pomare Bay in front of our former home on Te Wahapu, hoping to visit with Jeremy and Diana Pope and Matt and Carol Harvey before we shift over to Opua to collect the Weindorf family for our 2009 Christmas adventure. So, what have we been up to this year?

We celebrated the 2008 holiday season with our daughter, Kim, son-in-law, Alan, and wonderful grandchildren, David (age 12) and Sarah (age 9). In January we flew to Hobart, Tasmania for their Summer Festival, many visits with friends, the Australia Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart, the Australian TROPFEST film festival, the Folk Music Festival, Ten Days on the Island, and more.

March found us back in California for more fun with Kim and her family, including a long weekend in Yosemite National Park and lots of bicycling. ADAGIO needed a new bottom job, and the best place to haul her out for new bottom paint was a boat yard located in the Napa Valley. We enjoyed views of the surrounding vineyards from ADAGIO as she was perched high above the marine railway. We enjoyed some, but too few sails around San Francisco Bay — certainly one of the finest sailing venues on planet Earth.

By the end of June ADAGIO was provisioned and ready to sail for Hawaii. Fellow OCC sailor Shaun Peck (Victoria, BC) joined us on the Hawaii passage, so ADAGIO sailed once again under the Golden Gate Bridge on June 30, with our daughter and grandchildren watching us on the Exploratorium webcam.

On July 12, we arrived in Oahu, Hawaii, after a comfortable and fun passage. Shaun immediately joined a committee of volunteers in Honolulu to help out with the finish of the 2009 Transpac Race.

On July 16, ADAGIO’s population increased again when we were joined by Leo Foley, commodore of the Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania (Hobart, Tasmania), and fellow OCC sailors Penelope and George Curtis (Oxfordshire, UK). On July 23rd we found the passage weather we wanted to depart for New Caledonia. August 15th, after 23 days at sea, we arrived in New Caledonia. We seem to have partied all the way, with such good company aboard, making for short watches, assistance sailing the boat and help in the galley. We enjoyed showing our crew our favorite places in New Caledonia, even visiting our friends Cleo and Albert in the isle of Pines.

We enjoyed cruising New Caledonia through August, then in September we circumnavigated New Caledonia’s “big island”, Grande-Terre. We believe that the best way to see this country is by boat. The coastal areas are very beautiful, and the coastal towns are quite varied, as is the scenery.

On October 10, our Australian friends, Ian and Andrew, arrived to join us for the New Zealand passage. We had time to take them sailing, to practice “pulling the strings.” They were an enormous help with the pre-passage preparations, including repairs of a few bits we broke between San Francisco and Newcal. While we waited patiently for NZ passage weather we spent as much time as we could enjoying the beautiful Isle of Pines, including visits with our local friends, and with new cruising friends aboard other boats lucky enough to make it to Ile des Pins.

Halloween, October 31, we sailed out of New Caledonia, and arrived in New Zealand on November 6. Head seas were bumpy for the first couple of days, but comfortable after that. We had a week to show Ian and Andrew around the Bay of Islands, before they returned to Australia. Bay of Islands marine businesses entertained cruisers as they arrived from numerous islands in the South Pacific. We met cruisers from many different countries, and spent social hours getting to know them.

As you can tell, we are just a “box of fluffy ducks” being back in enZed, where ADAGIO was launched 9 years ago. We have begun exploring the islands of Urpukapuka, Moturua, Roberton, and the Te Pahi Islands, finding good beaches, coves, caves, hiking trails and fishing spots to show to our grandchildren when they arrive on December 23 for a 10-day visit.

Stay well and let us know how you are and where you are — and let us know if you have changed your email address!

Best wishes, Big hugs, and Best of Luck in the New Year

Dorothy and Steve

S/V ADAGIO, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Steve and Dorothy at the Pa site lookout atop Roberton Island, Bay of Islands

8 thoughts on “2009 Holiday Newsletter

  1. Happy Holiday’s,

    I have been amazed by your adventures and pictures you have shared. I was the little girl in the apple store in Hawaii, stationed on the USS Tarawa. That was my first ship, and has later decommissioned from my understanding. I went through electronics training, sent to another ship (the mighty Nimits). Now I’m at a shore command. I was on the Nimitz with my brother for a while, which was awesome being able to visit all of the countries with my brother. Feel very lucky to experience that. Now, I’m running production in the Calibration Lab in Northeast Florida for the Southeastern Fleets and a few other land based commands. Currently working on finishing my bachelors degree and pursuing my privates pilots liscense.

    I want to thank you for opening my thoughts by influencing my reading towards other sites and learning about what others have been researching and taken interests from universities and colleges.

    Thank you for staying in touch during your travels, it has been since 2004. Happy holidays to you and your family.

    Shasta Dell


  2. Thank you, Dorothy and Steve, for the great year’s overview – delighted that this year turned out so well for you (due to your superb planning!), and all the best enjoying this Christmas Season with your family.
    Kathy and Joe Siudzinski
    s/c KatieKat


  3. Back in NZ, that was a suprise, we’re jealous. Are you going on to Australia next season? You seem to have enjoyed good passages along the way. It’s nice that you have had such a good time with Adagio.

    Too bad Eva absconded to the south, I hope she is doing well we haven’t heard much from her.

    Pelagic is still on the hard in Kona. We are doning some maintenance and improvements but stil have no suitable place in the water for her.

    Aloha and Merry Christmas,
    Bill and Maryann


  4. Happy Holidays Steve, Dorothy, Alan, Kim, David, & Sarah.
    My wonderful three week sail on Adagio in Queensland, in 2002,
    helps me imagine the spectacular fun you are having together.
    We look forward to your next journal. Have a Happy & Safe New Year.
    Love, Helen & Larry


  5. You have been a real source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    We are following your journal from the mountains of central maexico at 8,000 high. Finishig the convertion of a Nelson Marek into a cruiser.
    Keep posting you are been read.

    PS Through your site I have been researching the info relating to the lighting rod but the reference link is not available anymore. If you still have the information I would very much appreciate it.

    Good luck



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