How to synchronize multi camera shoots

In a recent post I added a reminder to synch your date/time settings. This is a common problem when friends and rellies fly in to new location to play together.

Multi-camera shoots: especially on family outings or holidays we often find several cameras shooting the same activity. To make this work out to everyone’s benefit, be sure to get out all your cameras and synchronize the internal date/time clocks. Then your multiple-camera shoots will automatically interlace in your Picasa-like organizer as well as your website. We’ve had 3 and 4 cameras shooting on our Pacific passage galleries.

But what if you forget? If you use Adobe Lightroom, then you can apply the following very slick trick that Charles just contributed:

…Of course the ideal is to set all camera’s internal clocks to a reference standard before shooting, but if you have just charged in without doing so, all is not lost! Take a picture of a “reference clock” with each camera (I use my wrist watch which sets itself by WWV, but you could use a GPS, or most anything, as long as it shows HHMMSS.) Be sure to use the same clock for all cameras. I tag these images “Timecheck” in Lightroom. Now select all the images taken with a single camera (you can use the Metatdata Library filter to help with this). Double-click the Timecheck image so it is full screen, and read the time on the reference clock in the image. Select “Metadata/Edit Capture Time” from Lightroom’s menu, and choose the “Adjust to a specified Date and Time” radio button, and enter the time read from the reference clock. Click OK, and you’re done! Repeat for each camera. All images should now sort into proper shooting time sequence. (There are further complications if dealing with cameras set to the wrong date, but they revolve around getting images into the right folders.)

The same technique can be applied using any other digital media manager that can edit the EXIF data.

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