On the Alinghi decision not to "wing it"

Gino Morrelli has been reporting from the America’s Cup race course in Valencia. That is the Morrelli of Morrelli and Melvin Design & Engineering, the naval architects who designed our catamaran ADAGIO. Here is an example of Gino’s commentary, from the day of Race 2, February 14, 2010 10:16:29 AM, where Gino breaks down the relative performance of the big cats so you can see how fast BMOR is:

We are instructed by the RC to move a bit offshore. Looking for more stable winds no doubt.

Hopefully I will still be within cell range to continue reporting…if there is a several hour gap…it means we are out of range.

BMOR is out with sails up nearby giving everything the once prior to the start…

Alinghi still under tow nearby. I think their only chance is to get in a light/shifty race where they might catch a break and out sail/out luck the boys on BMOR.

A recap of Race #1:

8:32 margin of victory (not including silly penalty turn fiasco at finish) + 1:27 late start = approx 10 min delta (time margin of victory)

3m21sec weather mark delta (BMOR rounded first) + late start 1:27 =4m49sec

4m49sec / 90min (elapsed leg time) =5.4% faster upwind

down wind delta 5:11 ish

60min (approx elapsed leg time) / 5m11sec = 8.6%

Total race time 2h30m or 150 min / 10 min victory margin = 6.7% faster overall


Nearly 9% faster downwind. Why….duh “The tower of power” the wing…

Why Alinghi chose not to build a wing will go down as a major management Faux Pas…


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