Facet-Purolator: providing customer service the way it should be

As you can see in my email query to Facet-Purolator, we wanted to install a 12 VDC solid state Facet fuel pump in an unusual configuration — as an emergency primer pump that would be sitting on our engines diesel fuel supply 99.99% idle. I.e., if the pump restricted flow, especially if only under odd/rare conditions, it could be very bad news.

My query to Facet engineering for advice was answered within 24 hours. Here’s an excerpt from Facet engineer Paul Puleo’s reply:

Hi Paul,

I think customers need to know who the star-class vendors are.

A quick on-point answer; a recommendation for a superior solution; and a referral to friendly local help. You scored 100% plus bonus points for customer service excellence. (…) I have a new Facet fuel pump in my hand and am about to install.

Thanks again, Steve

Here’s my original query:

Sent: Monday, February 15, 2010 9:22 PM

To: sales@facet-purolator.com

Message: This is a “tech support” question, which I am submitting from New Zealand aboard our yacht ADAGIO.

As part of redesigning our inline duplex Racor 500FG diesel filter arrangement, I want to incorporate an electric fuel pump to facilitate emergency repriming of our two Yanmar 3-cyl turbo diesels. E.g., one of the line of Facet CUBE pumps.

My idea is to just switch on the pump for repriming, so 99.999% of the time the pump is OFF. This saves a lot of effort and expense of valving the pump IN/OUT of the fuel line.

My question: if I permanently plumb in the appropriate Facet solid state pump, between the outlet of the Racor filters and the fuel distribution manifold, will the pump present any meaningful resistance to the fuel flow when the pump is not energized?

Our fuel flows are very small — the maximum consumption rate is about 16 litres/hour. If the return volume is 80% then the gross flow rate is 80 litres/hour or 1.33 litres/minute. I was thinking of ordering the 40108, but that may be ridiculous overkill.

Here in New Zealand, none of the Facet dealers I’ve contacted know what the restriction of these pumps might be.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Darden s/v ADAGIO

And here are Paul’s answers:

Hi Steve

No problem you can use many of our Cube solid states pumps for your application and there will be no significant flow decrease when the pump is turn off. There are many OEM installations just as you stated. However I believe the 40108 is an over kill and a 40106 will work just fine. I have a distributor in Australia/New Zealand that can help you. Please contact Mick Ryland at <excised> at ashdown-ingram.com.au and he will be happy to help you.

Regards Paul Puleo

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