Exploring the Parihaka Scenic Reserve

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Only a ten minute walk from where ADAGIO is berthed at the Wangarei Town Basin, is the beginning of a beautiful trail through a native forest and along a lovely river. The land was donated to the city of Whangarei, and has been well cared for. Exotic weeds have been eradicated and the foot paths have been well groomed. Steps help the hikers make their way up the steep areas, and signs clearly indicate directions to destinations, such as to the top of Mt. Parihaka. Waterfalls dot the landscape, as well as swimming holes for the kiddies.

Our friends Shaughan and Brenda drove us to see many of the remoter regions of the park, and to the top of Mt. Parihaka. We enjoyed the long walk down the side of the mountain to the river. Magnificent Kauri trees grow in the ravines. We saw a pair of native wood pigeons swooping through the forest, and lots of dancing and singing fantail birds.

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