Our Month at the Whangarei Town Basin

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What a wonderful surprise it was that berthing in the Whangarei Town Basin is very enjoyable. We motored the 12 nautical miles from the sea up the river, to a berth at the visitor’s dock. Fortunately, the marina staff allowed us to occupy the forward half of the dock, where we found ourselves in the center of activities. Young families with well-mannered and energetic children lived in boats on the pontoons and on the pile moorings. Many had put their children into the local schools.

We met many cruisers who brought their boats into the marina for provisioning, repairs, R&R, and just plain hanging out. Our OCC burgie attracted numerous other OCC members, and we spent many hours at the local coffee house enjoying each other’s stories. We watched the cormorants and terns from our cockpit. As usual, we enjoyed the best sunsets, as we had nothing to obstruct our view.

Steve was able to walk to the marine suppliers for parts and information. We both took advantage of the excellent medical services to catch up with our routine medical tests and checkups. Dorothy found four grocery stores within walking distance, and the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market was superb.

We ran into our old friends, Brenda and Shaughan from Russell, and they drove us sightseeing around town one Sunday afternoon. The walking trails are wonderful, so there is no reason for us to not get our regular exercise.

1 thought on “Our Month at the Whangarei Town Basin

  1. It’s a really beautiful place to visit giving possibility of encountering such wonderful people as you are, Dorothy and Steve 🙂
    I’ d like to thank you once again for a nice welcome, excellent company and great lesson about NZ’s native forest during our our stay in Whangarei Town Basin.

    All the best and only favourable winds,

    Marzena from Nashachata


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