Hall Spars standing rigging replacement

We’re anchored just inside the entrance of the river to Whangarei, having just finished replacing our Dyform standing rigging with truly excellent service from Hall Spars at our berth in Gulf Harbour Marina. Hall Spars also cracked-tested our eight Nitronic rod diamond stays, declaring all good to go. Garry Hassall’s Matrix Mast built Adagio’s rig and forebeam assembly in 1999 to a very high (mega-yacht) standard. Over the ten years since our 2000 launch, and more than 70,000 cruising miles, we are happy to have had no worries or problems with our Matrix Mast rig. So for us, it is clear why Hall Spars would be interested in acquiring Matrix Mast.

We had a close look at the new Hall Spars carbon boom furler under construction in the factory. The design looks to be a class leader: strong, simple and light. The elegant engineering was developed by Matrix Mast — my pure speculation is that this product probably contributed to the interest of Hall Spars in the acquisition — as an indicator of future innovations that will likely emerge from the New Zealand rig factory.

So if you are pausing in New Zealand on your way West, check out Hall Spars for rig redo or replacement.

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