34th America's Cup: encouraging signals…

“Diktat has been replaced by discussion, confrontation by consultation,” said Coutts…

I think this could actually happen. Coutts and Ellison are media saavy, and are sending consistent messaging that the “bad old days” of the America’s Cup are over:

(…) Coutts and Onorato described a vision to “transform the America’s Cup into a viable, exciting platform which teams and commercial partners will find irresistible.”

In part, this will be accomplished by creating fair rules and a neutral, independent event organising body, which will run an annual series of regattas, leading up to the 34th America’s Cup Match.

But importantly, it will also be done through technology. Coutts vowed to give media coverage of the sport a complete, ‘bow to stern rethink’ so that “fans will able to turn-on and tune-in, anytime, and will feel as if they are on-board themselves right at the heart of the action, shoulder to shoulder with the best sailors in the world.”

Part of that pledge was demonstrated on Thursday, with the press conference being streamed live on the internet. Journalists were encouraged to send in questions for Coutts and Onorato via Twitter. And within in minutes of its conclusion, the press conference was online for on-demand viewing at http://www.americascup.com and beyond.

So what will the new A/C boats be? The design rule is to be published 30th September. From our perspective, a key requirement is the boats must be able to race in any venue in winds from 5-35 knots.

The new design rule will be a critical element of building a spectacular event.

Renowned but neutral designers – Bruce Nelson and Peter Melvin – have created two different concepts – a multihull and a monohull.

Teams will sit down this month and discuss which concept to adopt and begin the process to create a design rule.

Presenting the teams with draft mono/multi design concepts is brilliant. It will make it much more efficient for the teams to evaluate the unfamiliar-to-most multihull option. Of course, we are very proud that Pete Melvin of Morrelli and Melvin is a key member of our ADAGIO design team.

I just added the A/C RSS feed to my NetNewsWire feeds. There are prominent icons for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube — where they host the 34th A/C Channel. I just downloaded the first press conference from YouTube via Tooble. It is encouraging that right out of the gate, they offer an embedded Livestream customizable video player:

Watch live streaming video from 34thac at livestream.com

and video and chat widgets. Here’s the video widget:

34thac on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

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