Tasman Sea storm

Bob McDavitt says “when the HIGH gets to 1030 the weather gets dirty”.

Dorothy has been following the Tasman Sea storm that is walloping Tasmania and New Zealand over the next few days. In the image above you can see ADAGIO at 25 S Lat snugged up in Platypus Bay alongside the world’s largest sand island (Fraser Island). We are headed for Tasmania at 43 S Latitude. This week would not be the best time to complete our journey to Hobart.

The color shadings represent sea state, where the dark red in the center is 10 meters or greater. In that sea state we would expect to encounter an 18 meter wave about every 3 hours.

We have uploaded an animated movie showing the evolution of this system, which is being diverted south of Australia by a 1042mb high pressure system west of Tasmania and south of Perth (it was 1044mb yesterday!!).

So it will be a few more weeks before we start pressing hard to get south.

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