Cricket by Bill Bryson

One of our most favorite audiobooks is Bill Bryson reading his own book of experiences exploring Australia. In America the book is titled “In a Sunburned Country“; in the Commonwealth countries it is titled “Down Under“. It’s a charming perspective on Australia, but as we shall see, the perspective of a “Yank”.

We can’t suppress the guffaws and giggles listening to Bill as he describes driving late at night in the sparsely populated land between Canberra and Adelaide. On the car radio, station after station is replaced by “cat hiss” with distance. Then Bill discovers a spot on the dial that is full-on silent. After listening intently to the odd silence for a while, Bill hears papers rustling, and realizes that he has stumbled onto a cricket match (MPEG3 download).

If you liked that segment, we can just about guarantee that you will enjoy the audiobook In a Sunburned Country. If you are not an Audible subscriber you can try the service for free. If you would like the trial, you can download two free audio books of your choice: just go to courtesy of Leo Laporte and This Week in Tech.

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