Native Birds of Tin Can Bay

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One of the many attractions of Tin Can Bay is its shoreline walking and bicycling path. There are signs along the way to help us identify the birds and trees that we hope to see. The first day, in the park near Norman Point, I caught some action shots of the Rainbow Bee-eaters catching insects. What artful flyers they are, flashing their rainbow colors against the blue sky, and performing some of the best aerial acrobatics I have ever seen.

I finally figured out the Blue-faced Honeyeaters, because the adults have a blue face, but the face of the immature ones is yellow! The cutely named Willie Wagtail is a close relative of the dancing Fantails that we enjoyed watching in New Zealand. I have included a photo of a Magpie, because we experienced their territorial behavior in Mooloolaba. They swooped down on us from behind as we bicycled along the waterfront.

One of our favorite Austrialian birds is the Galah. This bird is known as a clown and is synonymous for “buffoon” in Australian slang. They play on children’s playground equipment, roll around in the grass, and perform other antics.

Adagio graced our views, as she adorned the anchorage off of Norman Point.

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