MONA FOMA day 5: Tom Vincent trio

Wow! We scored front row seats right in front of Tom Vincent’s grand piano. Tom’s trio was perfectly together, performing original compositions mingled with traditional requests and jazz favorites. The new dome at Hobart’s Baha’i Centre provided the venue — we were very impressed by our first time in the space. The acoustics were just right for the trio, while the space gets good natural light and feels “happy”.

Tom is now based in Tasmania, so we are very much looking forward to his next gig 24, 25, 26 February near Hobart.

2 thoughts on “MONA FOMA day 5: Tom Vincent trio

  1. Thanks heaps Christine — I hoped we could make Bosso & Boo on Sunday. But we’re ferrying to Moorilla for the day. FYI, Bosso & Boo reviewed by Nola here.


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