Shaun Peck: San Francisco to Hawaii aboard Adagio

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Our OCC mate Shaun Peck, home port Victoria, Canada, wrote a very-fun Flying Fish article [PDF] on his impressions of crewing on the first leg of our westbound Pacific crossing.

We greatly enjoyed Shaun’s contributions to our passage. So it isn’t surprising that we were so pleased to discover Shaun’s passage-report when we opened the 2010-2 edition of Flying Fish here in Hobart.

Shaun concluded his dispatch with this perfect sketch.

(…) For me the highlights of the voyage were: Steve and Dorothy’s generous hospitality and cuisine; amazing discussions on many subjects; understanding all the many systems on a fully-equipped modern cruising catamaran (compared to my 30-year- old, 42ft ketch); catching a mahi mahi … and one particular night a few days out of Honolulu when I was alone on watch at 0300. It was full moon and I was in shirt sleeves and shorts. Adagio was sailing at 10–12 knots, though surfing down waves up to 17 knots at times. Occasionally I tweaked the trim or wind angle, and all the while I was listening to Dvorak’s Stabat Mater on my iPod! It was a magical experience, not to be forgotten.

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