Halmang – Myth of Jeju Island, Korea

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One of the first Ten Days on the Island performances we attended in Hobart this year was the Edutraining Interactive Play Workshop ‘Halmang – Myth of Jeju Island, Korea’. It is the story based on the fascinating creating mythology of a small island ‘Jeju’ located at the tail end of Korea territory.

According to local tradition, the goddess Halmang, also known as Granny, is the creator of Jeju Island, its mountains, valleys, hills and rivers. The highest mountain on Jeju Island almost reaches the elbow of this good-humoured giantess, and the deepest river just laps her ankle.

As the story progresses, all things created by Hlmang feel lack of land so, humans start fighting each other. After all, there is nothing left in the world. Halmang’s original aim to create the world will be revived now at the present age to start re-creating a new world. Performers play Korean traditional instruments with children and re-create the world. The world becomes brighter and more beautiful than before. We create the new world again. Perfomers and children promise to keep our world safe and beautiful.

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