Florence – Jean-Michel Folon's Rose Garden

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The very clear skies following the rain of the previous day resulted in excellent conditions for photographing Florence from above.Today was the day, so we took the steep steps up to the garden which was soon to close before dusk. Steve had first discovered the Rose Garden with Sculptures by Jean-Michel Folon, on his first climb up to the lookout at Piazzale Michelangiolo on a day when the air above Florence was too hazy and smoky for photography. The Folon exhibition was entitled, “Je me souviens”, which means “I remember”, in French.

We reached the top of our climb, at Piazalle Michelangelo, before the sun set behind the distant hills. The low rays of sunlight reflected off of Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Campanile by Giotto, the bell tower of the Palazzo Vecchio and the basilica of Santa Croce, and formed golden ripples on the surface of the Arno River. We also had an excellent view of the hill town of Fiesole, perched just above Florence, where we visited the previous week. It was certainly worth the climb.

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