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The last two weeks of November we immersed ourselves in Barcelona. Our apartment in Barceloneta made our stay very special. From our comfortable “home” we toured all over Barcelona for the first two weeks of November. All by foot or Metro.

Location, location, location, yes indeed. For example, a walk of:

5 minutes to the excellent market Mercat de la Barceloneta (including supermarket);
4 minutes to the beach in two directions= 6 minutes to the marina at Port Vell;
10 minutes to the Barceloneta Metro station (quick access to all of Barcelona);
15 minutes to the trendy quarters of Passeig del Born and La Ribera
The Barceloneta neighborhood is populated with numerous shops and services — for almost any need, you need not leave the neighborhood. But if you are a shopper, the classy seaside mall of Maremagnum is only a 20 minute walk.

Barcelona is a walking and bicycling city. We rented bicycles from the friendly shop near the Mercat. Even better would be a membership in the Barcelona community bicycle program (see or Wikipedia Our research concluded that the wonderful Bicing program membership is only available to residents (due to protests by rental shops). Hopefully that will change.

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